Why Use Genuine Harley-Davidson® Motor Parts and Accessories?

Why Use Genuine Harley-Davidson® Motor Parts and Accessories?


Whenever you tune up your Harley-Davidson, you need to make sure that you are using the right parts. The products you buy will decide whether you enjoy a ride into the sunset or chug to a halt. When it comes to the right parts, you may think that you have a lot of options, especially when garages and mechanics all over the UK are going to be trying to sell you something.


But you should always stick to branded Harley-Davidson parts and products. Why should you do this? What value do you gain from it?


Working in Perfect Harmony


Harley-Davidson is probably the biggest name in the world of motorbikes, making the legendary Harley-Davidson Touring range. Genuine Harley-Davidson parts have been designed and tested to the high standards of the global Harley-Davidson brand. These components have been manufactured to work in perfect harmony with the rest of the bike.


The parts we sell here at Jennings are all genuine components manufactured to those same standards. Every time you replace parts with us, you are guaranteed to be getting the genuine article.


Testing for Success


Harley-Davidson never releases parts until the company can be sure that these components are going to work as they should. Each part is evaluated and assessed on its own merits. It is tested both in the workshop and on the testing track, so you know that you are only getting the real deal.


Strong Parts and Permanent Improvement


Harley-Davidson has always worked hard to make sure that its components are durable. Every part should last for years before you even have to think about replacing it. Using hard data gained from testing, Harley-Davidson is committed to constantly extending the lifespan of its parts, and making them work better. Through this exhaustive testing, you can source parts from Jennings knowing that they are top of the range.


Commitment to UK Standards


Being that Jennings is based in the UK and that every motoring market has a different set of regulatory standards, we make sure that all the parts we supply conform to the demands established by and for the UK market. Not only do we look to meet these standards but we also look to eclipse them.


The Best Finish


Genuine Harley-Davidson parts from Jennings always come with a stunning surface finish. Whether they are painted, powder-coated, chromes, or polished to perfection, our service parts come with the same sheen as the originals.




All electrical and ignition components are waterproofed. Before we sell any of the aforementioned parts, we put them through a number of water tests ourselves. These water tests ensure that even during the worst rain storms imaginable they will not malfunction or cause any issues that could lead to injury.


These are the high standards we apply to all our Harley-Davidson parts. It is part of our commitment to reliability and durability.


Resistance to Corrosion


Some components are at risk of corrosion. Not genuine Harley-Davidson components though as these are tested to the strictest international anti-corrosion standards. Every material is tested and evaluated to make sure that they are durable and robust.


What You Need to Know


Our genuine Harley-Davidson parts have been designed with quality in mind. Every part we sell to our customers is designed to meet only the most exacting standards. We do not just see components as something to add to a bike. We see them as components in a work of moving art.