Check you battery

Have you Checked your battery lately?

The care and maintenance of your battery is extremely important. It brings your motorcycle to life, each and every start!

Making sure your bike starts the first time, starts with making sure you've got a good quality, well looked after battery. Here are our top tips on how to keep your machine running just right.

  • Maintain your battery above 12.5 volts
  • Make a battery charging harness a "must have". We have a charge harness (Part Number 66000005) that has an LED indicator that will notify you if your battery needs tending. It's a great low fuss way to ensure you keep your battery in the best condition.
  • Use a Harley-Davidson approved battery tender or charger. We can help you find the right battery tender and help with installation for your needs.
  • Check your owners manual for more information, particularly when it comes to transport mode. You can activate it if your bike is going transported by a trailer for any long distances.
  • Maintenance is simple. It takes two minutes to make sure things are running just right, and if you have any concerns ask us straight away or drop in on our Saturday Service for more help.

That's it! Simple steps and good care are all that's needed, and our technicians in store are always happy to help if you need it!

Here's Dan explaining a bit more about the Harley-Davidson Battery tender:

Don't forget to take a look at our bike guides for the best ways you can care for your New or Used Harley-Davidson.