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Mon, 06 Jun 2016

World’s most expensive bike revealed

Falling in love with a motorbike for the first time is a special thing and every biker can remember when it first happened. For some it’s a bike that has been personalised to individual specification, whilst for others it is owning one on of the world’s most expensive sets of two wheels. With this in mind Jennings Harley-Davidson® takes a look at the world’s most expensive motorcycles.

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson - $3,000,000

With a monumental price tag of $3,000,0000 the Harley-Davidson® Cosmic Star is the only Harley to be used an art canvas. Using artist Jack Armstrong’s signature ‘Cosmic Extensionalism’ style the bike took six months to complete.

The Tarhan Telli Rustic Chopper - $1 Million

If you have deep pockets then the $1,000,000 Tarhan Telli Rustic Chopper may be the bike for you. With its white gold leaf finish and rustic yellow paint this is a bike worth its weight in gold.

Goldfinger Motorcycle - Price Paid - $850K

Containing 250 small diamonds totalling 7 carats and 24-karat gold and a crocodile skin seat, the Goldfinger has 859 individually gold plated parts.

Legendary 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine - $675,000

As the only 500cc twin-cylinder to win the World Championship, the AJS E95 Porcupine is one of only four every built. Selling for $675,000 the Porcupine is an ultra-rare bike.

The Rolling Sculpture Dodge Tomahawk - $550K

With a top speed of a mouth-watering 420mph the Rolling Sculpture Dodge Tomahawk has a 0-60mph speed of an eye watering 2.5 seconds. Limited to only 10 the Tomahawk can’t be licensed features a 1500lb Dodge Viper V-10based engine.

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