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Tue, 24 Apr 2018

Get a Free Harley-Davidson Bike for Interning

If you have a sense of adventure and you are willing to spend your summer in the States, you could get a free Harley-Davidson bike by spending 12 weeks as a paid intern working for the iconic motorcycle brand. Yes, you read that correctly. Interns accepted into the programme will be paid for the 12 weeks of work. They will also get to keep the bike given to them as part of that internship.

It is all made possible through Harley's #FindYourFreedom Internship. #FindYourFreedom is just one of many student internships being offered this summer. In order to qualify, you would have to be either a recent university graduate or be enrolled in a junior or senior level university or equivalent training programme. Harley is looking for interns who:


  • ·         show an aptitude for social media communications
  • ·         demonstrate an ability to create, edit, and share rich content
  • ·         possess the ability to work independently
  • ·         demonstrate involvement in campus life
  • ·         possess professional awareness
  • ·         have the ability and willingness to travel.


Most of all, Harley is looking for interns who are responsible and accountable. These are not positions that involve sitting behind a desk and looking at a computer screen all day. They are travel-based assignments that require a self-starting attitude. Do what you are expected to do for 12 weeks and you will walk away with a free Harley-Davidson bike.


Travel, Share, and Be an Ambassador


So, what is this internship all about? For Harley-Davidson, it is about two things: recruiting new ambassadors for the Harley brand and giving interns real-life experience in modern marketing. The job involves 12 weeks of travel on that free bike. It certainly sounds exciting but remember that you would be travelling in all kinds of weather and under all sorts of conditions.


Along the way you would chronicle your travels with blog posts, photographs, videos, and social media posts. You would be visiting loads of local events where you would represent the Harley brand as both an intern and an experienced biker. And by the way, no worries if you don't know how to ride; Harley-Davidson will train you.


All successful candidates will be required to pass a Harley-Davidson Riding Academy course in order to obtain the proper licence endorsement. Candidates who come to the internship already in possession of the right licence will not have to take the course.


A Passion for Bikes and Media


Harley-Davidson reps say the #FindYourFreedom Internship is all about a passion for bikes and media. They want to reintroduce the biker lifestyle to a generation that seems to have lost the passion their parents and grandparents had, so they are ideally looking for people who are already into bikes and have a penchant for modern media.


Harley will be accepting only a limited number of candidates for their summer internship. If you think you have what it takes, it couldn't hurt to apply. You could walk away after 12 weeks with a lot of great stories, a lifetime of memories, and a free Harley-Davidson bike.