If 6 motorcycle manufacturers made cars

If 6 motorcycle manufacturers made cars

From Harley-Davidson to Kawasaki to Ducati, the motorcycle world has many iconic brands. But what if these companies were manufacturing cars instead of motorbikes? Would a Harley-Davidson car have the spirit of America? What might a Vespa look like? Audi owns Ducati, so how would they change things up? These were some of the questions on our minds when we created these designs.


1. Aprilia

Italian motorbike manufacturer Aprilia started out making bicycles before moving into scooters and small-capacity motorcycles. Nowadays, Aprilia is known for its large sport bikes, like the V4 RSV4. But Dorsoduro 900 is a supermoto by all accounts, designed to provide maximum riding fun. This is where we drew inspiration for this this sporty off-road car, designed for maximum driving fun.




2. Ducati

Ducati and Audi belong to the same group, and we thought the car could draw inspiration from the Ducati Diavel. The famous motorbike was the second cruiser motorbike from Ducati, and it’s been in production since 2010. The bike has top speed of 169 mph (272 km/h), and although we wouldn’t feel the wind blowing our hair the same way, we’re sure this car would be a dream to drive on the motorways.




3. Harley-Davidson

To keep the spirit and sense of freedom associated with Harley-Davidson, we think a hotrod would be the perfect Harley car. Typically old, classic American cars, hotrods have large engines. This one is no exception, and we love how it pairs with the vintage color scheme.




4. Kawasaki

Japanese motorbike manufacturer Kawasaki is a powerhouse, and its bikes have competed in the MotoGP, Superbike World Championship and the legendary Isle of Man TT. We’re certain that Kawasaki could build a high-end sports car like no other, perhaps inspired by the Ninja, a motorbike series that began in 1984 with GPZ900R.




5. Triumph

The Triumph Bonneville, aka Bonnie, is a legendary motorbike from England. It spans three generations: 1959–1983, 1985–1988 and the most recent, which began in 2001. The bike was named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where many motorbike speed record attempts took place. We felt that a Triumph car should derive inspiration from the USA, and a muscle car seemed quite appropriate.




6. Vespa

Designing a Vespa automobile is a tricky task. It’s one of the most recognizable two-wheelers, and any Vespa car should be equally iconic – kind of like the classic Volkswagen Beetle. The combination of these two produces a car that we think would be remembered (and popular!) decades after its introduction.



These designs mash up the best of both worlds and offer something for everyone. The hotrods are sure to be popular with free-spirited drivers, while a Kawasaki sports car will please those looking for real speed. And can’t you just imagine that Vespa-Beetle in a remake of the classic film Love Bug?

Someone book us a test drive, please!

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