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Harley-Davidson® Cruiser Cradle Wheel Chock
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Product Description This sturdy aluminum wheel chock will hold your bike securely on the ground, on a trailer or in the back of a pickup truck. Sized to fit most motorcycles, this wheel chock will keep your bike upright while you are storing, transporting or working on your bike. Designed for roll-on roll-off use, the rocking cradle allows one person to easily park their bike in the stand. Just roll the bike into place and dismount. The Cruiser Cradle holds the bike in place without straps. Upright storage saves garage space and permits easy access to both sides of the vehicle. Cruiser Cradle's utility is not limited to the garage. The lightweight, folding wheel chock is easy to transport. Use it on the driveway when you are washing your bike or, when equipped with the optional Trailer Adapter, the versatile wheel chock can be easily moved to a trailer or the back of a pickup truck. The one-person operation simplifies securing the bike for transport. Load the bike into the Cruiser Cradle, dismount and the bike remains upright. Just two tie-down straps are required to hold the bike in place. And because you don't need to over- tighten the straps, you won't damage sensitive suspension parts and handlebar bushings.

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